Boost your Vizual HR Software by upgrading to People Inc.

Find out how our Vizual Personnel Upgrade can give your Vizual Personnel Software a new lease of life when you upgrade to People Inc. HR.

People Inc. HR is the perfect replacement for your Vizual Personnel HR Software as it is very quick and cost effective. People Inc. HR also provides a wealth of functionality that is not available via Personnel Manager or Personnel Director Vizual HR Software, including:


  • The look and feel is very similar to Personnel Manager so its easy to learn
  • Compatible with latest versions of Microsoft Windows, Office and SQL Server.
  • Provides much more security to keep your data safe.
  • Holiday and Absence calculated using employee work patterns to save you manually calculating (and you can now record absence that crosses a month).
  • Personnel, Recruitment and Training course management all in one system.
  • Screen designer providing significant additional features.
  • Updated management of maternity and paternity leave (in line with legislation).
  • Enhanced report writer with much-improved headcount and absence reporting.
  • Enhanced e-mail and letter generation.
  • Custom features can now be added easily to People Inc. using plug-ins and wizards.
  • Can be accessed securely via your company network.
Enhanced Reporting using People Inc.

The Upgrade

When upgrading from Personnel Manager or Personnel Director Vizual HR Software to People Inc a day is required to migrate the screens and data into the new system:

  • Custom screens and changes to standard screens are migrated to People Inc.
  • All data (including data associated with archived employees if required) is transferred into People Inc. (by default, attached documents are not transferred).
  • The upgrade may provide the opportunity to work through historical data and rationalise this where appropriate (or desirable).
  • Letter templates and report templates are not transferred to People Inc. Again this is an opportunity to review existing letters and reports and only create the useful ones.
  • User Training (Basic, Advanced and System Administrator)

We are currently offering to carryout a FREE data migration for the Vizual Personnel Upgrade. Simply click on the button below and one of our consultants will contact you to arrange the upgrade:


New and Enhanced Features

People Inc has a number of new features and benefits (not available via Personnel Manager or Personnel Director Vizual HR Software):

  • Management of full career history records (enabling users to generate headcount reports)
  • Automatic recording of absence records at a daily level (providing far greater potential to generate absence management reports)
  • Pro-rate absence allowances and enhanced adjustments for in-lieu days
  • Automation to manage training needs based on current job and appraisal details (including the generation of course waiting lists, and management of courses that expire)
  • People Inc utilises Work Patterns which are used to accurately calculate Absence. This means People Inc will automatically handle part time employees’ absence allowances based upon their work pattern which PD currently will not do.
  • Enhanced management of maternity leave and parental leave (to adhere with legislation).
  • Managing recruitment (and the generation of employee records from candidates)
  • Managing organisational structure, multiple companies and job definitions (enabling users to have vacant posts and the concept of a budgeted establishment)
  • Improved management reporting (enhanced report writing overcomes significant restrictions in older report writers) – see example below.
  • Enhanced letter and e-Mail generation (letters and e-mails can be generated from any screen and can include any information from the system)
  • Enhanced screen designer (enables users to link any screen with any other screen, add further ‘main’ screens, and ‘detail’ screens associated with normal history screens).
  • Enhanced security, based on independently defined access profiles
  • Compatibility with Windows Vista, Windows 7, Office 2007, SQL2008, Terminal Services (with an ongoing commitment to maintain compatibility).
  • Option to customise and configure functionality made available to employees and managers via the add-on Employee Self Service (web Client) module.
  • People Inc. has significantly lower maintenance costs.

Enhanced Reporting using People Inc.


Feature Comparison – At a Glance


  Personnel Manager Personnel Director People Inc
Number of employee records 250 3000 Unlimited
Number of users 1, 3 5, 10, 15 As required
Database Paradox SQL2000 only SQL (all versions)
Latest Versions of MS Windows and Office No No Yes
Web based access No Yes* Yes*
Last Upgrade 2005 2005 2019




  Personnel Manager Personnel Director People Inc
Screen Design Basic (Add-on) Basic Advanced
Multi-Lingual No No Yes
Automation using Triggers No No Yes
Wizards (providing workflow) 2 2 12+
Custom Automation and Wizards No No Yes
Global updates to Security Profiles No No Yes
Data Security (inc. deletion of old records) No No Yes




  Personnel Manager Personnel Director People Inc
Employee Details Yes Yes Yes
Holiday & Absence Yes Yes Yes
Remuneration Yes Yes Yes
Learning & Development Yes Yes Yes
Multiple Companies No Yes Yes
Jobs (posts) No No Yes
Recruitment Management No No Yes
Training Course Management (inc. Mandatory Training based on Job) No No Yes
Payroll Change Log No No Yes
Company Statistics Screen No No Yes
Vehicles Yes Yes Yes
Organisation Charts No Yes* Yes
Report Browser (Download free report templates) No No Yes




  Personnel Manager Personnel Director People Inc
Generate Letters from any screen No No Yes
Generate e-Mail from any screen No No Yes
Auto-attached Generated Letters No No Yes
Advanced Report (graph, sub-report) No No Yes
Export Reports (Word, Excel, PDF) No No Yes




  Personnel Manager Personnel Director People Inc
Employee/Manager Access (ESS) No Yes * Yes *
Online Holiday Bookings (ESS) No Yes * Yes*
Online Appraisals (ESS) No No Yes*
Online Timesheets (ESS) No No Yes*
Online Expenses (ESS) No No Yes*
Web Recruitment No No Additional Module
Active Telephone Directory No No Additional Module
Fully integrated Time & Attendance No No Additional module


Download our People Inc. v Personnel Manager/Director comparison guide here.



agathonhr have been supplying and working with Personnel Manager and Personnel Director Vizual HR Software since 2000. In 2009 Vizual withdrew these products from sale but some companies are still using these systems. Due to new versions of Microsoft Windows, Office and SQL server some users may be experiencing  problems with aspects of Personnel Manager and Personnel Director Vizual HR Software and in some cases may not be able to use them at all.