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Vizual Upgrade Webinars

Find out how upgrading your Vizual Personnel Manager or Personnel Director needn’t be expensive or time consuming by attending one of our free Vizual Upgrade webinars.


Objective of the webinars.

These free Vizual Upgrade Webinars are to provide Vizual Personnel Manager/Personnel Director users with a short overview of the key differences between their current HR software and People Inc. HR so they can evaluate the benefits of upgrading.



Main differences between People Inc. and Personnel Manager/Director

  • Creating Companies, Departments, Locations and Bank Hols
  • Employee Records (Employee Details, Job History, Salary History etc)
  • Managing and calculating Absence (using FTE)
  • Managing Training Courses (Role based Mandatory Courses, Training History and Delegates)
  • Working with Workflow wizards
  • An overview of Advanced Reporting
  • Customising People Inc. with the built-in Screen Designer tool
  • Creating User Profiles



  • Webinars can be attended using Team Viewer.
  • Details will be provided on how to join the session approximately 20 minutes prior to the start. 

We have been working on Vizual Personnel Manager and Personnel Director since 1997 and are one of the last companies in the UK to have any experience using or supporting these systems. Additionally we have been working with People Inc. since 2009 and are one the main People Inc. resellers in the UK. This means we can provide the best possible service to ensure the upgrade goes as effectively as possible.


Any questions?

Please contact agathonhr if you have any queries relating to Vizual Personnel and the Upgrade to People Inc.