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Setting up Key fields Correctly (Vizual Personnel Manager)

Many companies use Human Resources Information Systems such as People Inc. or Vizual Personnel Manager to manage their employee data and whilst different systems offer a variety of features and functionality the most important aspect is the data itself.

As well as data being entered inconsistently which we have already covered in part 1 of this series, another problem often occurs is where users leave fields blank for whatever reason. The main problem with this is that a blank field doesn’t tell us much. Has it been forgotten, did the employee not provide the information etc?

A way round this is to actually add useful values into the field such as Not Provided, Not Known, Not applicable etc. These fields are obviously searchable so when we do our report showing the Gender split across the company, instead of viewing blanks, we can see that ‘x’ number of people didn’t provide the information for example, so we care able to search on this value and chase it up at a later date.

In order to enforce this, we can identify key fields in the system, which must be entered when entering new records. These fields can then be set up as explained in Part 1 where we can fix the picklist for these fields to prevent any ‘rubbish’ being entered and we can also, set these fields so that a value must be entered into them, before the new record can be saved.

If a key field is left blank and the users tries to save the record, an error message pops up informing them they need to add a value to the field before saving the record.

This ensures that instead of having lots of meaningless blanks in our data, we have a meaningful value which prompts us to investigate further to ensure the data is up-to-date and ‘clean’.

Part 3 explains how to audit and ‘clean’ your data using Vizual Personnel Manager

Data is the most important element in any database. Contact us if you need any advice on how to get more from your data.


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  • Benefit 100%
  • Set up Time/Costs 15%
  • Ease of use 75%

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