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Report Tips – Why is my Report Blank?

This has come up several times in the past and had a call recently from a customer who described the problem they were having with their HR report and fortunately this was the first thing I thought of and it fixed the problem.

When creating a Report which uses 2 tables, after selecting the 2nd table, the report wizard opens another screen, which is the join table screen. Most of the time, you would ignore this screen and click OK as all we want it to do is show matching records in both tables where the Employee Number (StaffNo) is the same.

Unfortunately on some screens (such as the Training History) the wizard finds 2 fields which match. 1 is the StaffNO field which it must use, but it also finds the ‘Location’ field and tries to join them also. What this basically means is that the report will only show records where the Employees Location (EmployeeDetails.Location) matches the location of the training (TrainingHistory.Location). Obviously therefore the results you are looking for will not be shown correctly in this report.

The way round this is, when you have selected both tables and the Join Table screen pops up, make sure it only shows the StaffNo field join (employeedetails.staffno = OTHERTABLE.staffNo). If any other values are showing then simply double click on them to remove them, before clicking OK to proceed.

If you have designed a report where it came up blank even though you hadnt applied any filters or anything, then try this first as this is usually the reason.

If you have any requirements for understanding fully how reports work then contact us.

*Whilst obviously we are now fully focused on People Inc, we still have plenty to offer to existing customers still using Personnel Manager and Personnel Director hence the occasional post with useful information, hints or tips.

Reports can be tricky especially when working with data from different parts of the system. We do offer a report writing service for a small fee if you need help.


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