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Top 5 Reasons to upgrade your Vizual Personnel Manager/Director Software to People Inc.


For most users of Vizual Personnel Manager or Vizual Personnel Director Software the experience has been a very positive one mainly due to their ease of use and the fact that they do most of the basics a HR Department needs. Unfortunately these systems are no longer available as they were discontinued in 2009.

The good new is that there is we can upgrade your Vizual Personnel Software to People Inc. and migrate all of your existing data.

People Inc. HR is quite simply the perfect replacement for Vizual Personnel Manager and Personnel Director. This may sound like a bold statement but virtually all of the companies still using these old systems who we speak to choose to upgrade to People Inc.

Here are the top 5 reasons to upgrade your Vizual Personnel Software:


1. Full Data Migration – All of your many years worth of data is transferred to People Inc. using a specifically designed migration tool. We even test the data for free to make sure it’s as tidy as possible from day one.

2. Ease of use – The user interface is even easier to navigate than Vizual Personnel Manager and Personnel Director.  Wizards and other features make it just as easy to use. Don’t be fooled however, there’s a lot more happening ‘under the hood’ that you can’t see.

3. Cost effective – People Inc. offers the best value available for customers upgrading from Vizual Personnel Manager and Personnel Director with the ongoing of cost being as little as £349 per annum. (Single user system with unlimited employees).

4. Quick Turnaround – The upgrade typically takes a couple of days, including the installation, data transfer and onsite user training!

5. Functionality – Virtually all the functionality as Vizual Personnel Manager and Personnel Director users are familiar with but comes with so much more as standard. For example:


  • More Core HR including Right to Work, Full Job History, Work Patterns and FTE Calculations
  • Multi Company – Each company is assigned their own departments, locations, bank holidays and contractual hours
  • Intelligent Absence Management (calculates entitlements based on FTE so you don’t have to manually calculate and no longer the need to create separate Absence records when they cross a month)
  • Payroll Change Log (bridging the gap between HR and Payroll)
  • Comprehensive Training and Development tools (Role based Mandatory training, Manage Training Needs etc).
  • Recruitment (with optional Web Recruitment Add-on)
  • Advanced Report Writer – Calculate Bradford Factor, Turnover percentages, Accurate Absence reports (using day records)
  • Improved Mail Merge functionality – send letters from anywhere in the system and automatically attach to a record
  • Task Management – Actions can be created automatically to help avoid missing key dates such as training expiry dates.
  • Organisation Chart Viewer

Further information

AgathonHR have been working on Vizual Personnel Manager and Personnel Director since 1997 and are one of the last companies in the UK to have any experience using or supporting these systems. Additionally we have been working with People Inc. since 2009 and are one the main People Inc. resellers in the UK. This means we can provide the best possible service to ensure the upgrade goes as effectively as possible.

Whilst we can no longer sell Personnel Manager, we do currently provide the following:

  • Upgrades to People Inc. including data migration.
  • Discounted annual support packages
  • Basic training for new users
  • Report Writing Training.
  • Consultancy – Data tidying, customisation etc.

Further information can be found on our website If you require any support with Vizual Personnel Manager please call 01242 663974 or email