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Managing Company Equipment.


An existing Vizual Personnel Manager user were looking to implement a system to help them manage their company IT equipment.

Their requirement was to record a databases of company equipment such as mobile phones and laptops and assign each item to individual employees to track who had what and ensure items were returned when an employee left.

They wanted to integrate this information within their HR software rather than have a seperate system duplicating employee information.

Unfortunately they were not able to do this within their existing Vizual Personnel Manager software so approached agathonhr to see how we could help.

agathonhr recommended they upgrade their exsiting Vizual Personnel Manager software to People Inc. not only to provide them with an up-to-date and more secure HR Software system but also because People Inc. has a range of tools such as the Screen Designer Module and Report Builder tool which made it possible to develop a Company Equipment section that was built to meet their specific needs. 


Additionally, as part of the upgrade process agathonhr were able to transfer all their existing Vizual Personnel Manager data into People Inc. without the need for the users to populate endless spreadsheets for importing.


Recording Company Equipment in People Inc.

Using the built in Screen Designer tool within People Inc. we were able to create a new Company Equpment screen to enable the users to create a database of the organisations main assets and equipment .

The screen was designed based on the information the customer needed to record and report on in order to track equipment within the organisation.

Company Equipment Screen – Detail view


 Company Equipment Screen – List view

 From this screen, users were able to analyse all aspects of the Company Equipment even items that are no longer in use.


Assigning Company Equipment to Employees

In addition to the Company Equipment databases we created an additional ‘Equipment History ’ screen under the Employees Record to track the history of any items that have been assigned to each employee.

This screen linked to the Company Equipment databases so users could quickly assign items to an employee.

Company Equipment Screen – Detail view


The Equipment History screen allows users to quickly see a history of all the assets that are currently or have previously been assigned to an employee.

Equipment History Screen – List view

Additionally, reports were created that allowed users to analyse the usage of company equipment in a number of different ways for example to view the full Equipment History for an employee…

Company Equipment Report

Or to view a list of all the equipment by their status.


 Company Equipment  Report


Additional Functionality

In addition to the new screens we also were able to add further functionality to help the customer track their equipment more effectively. This included:

  • Provide limited access to People Inc. for IT department (can only view the Compmay Equipment and Employee’s Equipment History screens, but no other employee information)
  • Automatic notification sent to IT when an Employee is due to leave to ensure equipment is returned.
  • Automatic reminders for when an asset is due a safety check.
  • Provide Employees with access to their Equipment History via Employee Self Service.
    • A Suite of Reports including:
    • List of current assets that can be provided to their insurer
    • Cost analysis – by employee or each business unit within the Company (and by Supplier)
    • Identify employees who often need equipment replacing due to loss or damage.



People Inc. has a wealth of standard screens, Report and Letter Templates and workflow wizards. Additionally, by using the built in Screen Designer and Report Writer tools that are provided with People Inc., we were able to customise the system to meet the specific needs of our customer, helping them be more efficient and effective when tracking company assets and equipment.


Contact us to find out how upgrading your Vizual Personnel HR Software to People Inc. can help your organisation keep track of company equipment by calling 01242 663974 or email


Further information

AgathonHR have been working on Vizual Personnel Manager and Personnel Director since 1997 and are one of the last companies in the UK to have any experience using or supporting these systems. Additionally we have been working with People Inc. since 2009 and are one the main People Inc. resellers in the UK. This means we can provide the best possible service to ensure the upgrade goes as effectively as possible.

Whilst we can no longer sell Personnel Manager, we do currently provide the following:

  • Upgrades to People Inc. including data migration.
  • Discounted annual support packages
  • Basic training for new users
  • Report Writing Training.
  • Consultancy – Data tidying, customisation etc.

Further information can be found on our website If you require any support with Vizual Personnel Manager please call 01242 663974 or email