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Product: Personnel Manager

Version: Single/Multi User

Category: Version 3 Personnel Manager

Code: PMFAQ002

Title: New Features

New Employee Records Screens

In addition to the employee record screens you are familiar with if you are a Visual Personnel user, Personnel Manager offers the following:

Working Time Directive tab on the main Employee Details screen: track employees

opt-out dates and terms.

Employee Photographs screen in the Employee Shortcut bar: attach and display

employee photographs on their own screen, linked to the Employee Details screen.

Medical History screen in the Employment Shortcut bar: track employee medical

exams and results.

CPE/CPD Record screen in the Training and Education Shortcut bar: monitor

planned versus actual structured and unstructured training and annual budgets.

Leave Allowance screen on the Absence and Payroll Shortcut bar: Set leave

allowance start dates and record carryover time and time taken in lieu of holidays.

Instantly recalculate accrued time leave allowances.

Professional Membership screen on the Training and Education Shortcut bar:

record employee membership in professional associations.

Maternity screen on the Absence and Payroll Shortcut bar: record and track

maternity information, such as confinement and return to work dates.



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