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Product: Personnel Manager

Version: Single/Multi User

Code: PMFAQ009

Title: Index is out of date.

Q: "When I try to log into Personnel Manager I get an error message saying the ‘Index is out of Date’"

A: This is due to a corruption in the database.

To fix this problem, it is necessary to repair the database.

To repair the database, first ensure that all users are logged out of Personnel Manager and then follow the steps listed below:

  1. From the ‘Start’ menu select ‘Programs’ Ý ‘Vizual Business Tools’ Ý ‘Personnel Manager’ Ý ‘Database Maintenance’.
  2. Log into this using your username and password for Personnel Manager.
  3. Firstly it’s recommended that you back the databases up before running a repair.
  4. When you have completed a backup, select the repair option then repair the database that was listed as being damaged during the back up routine.

For full details of how to do this see PMFAQ010 (Repairing and Backing up your database).





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