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Thu 19 October 2017 09:15 – 13:00  
Hesters Way Community Resource Centre 1A Cassin Drive Cheltenham GL51 7SU

Digital HR: Lightening the Load Workshop

You would think that making use of technology to help cut down on day to day, time consuming administrative HR tasks should be a simple decision as it will save most organisations time and money. It’s surprising therefore that there are still a good number of small to medium businesses that we speak to who are reluctant to embrace Digital HR to help make their business more efficient.

Implementing technology to lighten the load in HR doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming and help to reduce time and costs on many inefficient, repetitive HR functions such as:

  • Managing the Recruitment process from Applicant to Employee
  • Developing employee skills by identifying and managing Training needs
  • Managing company vehicles
  • Calculating employee remuneration
  • Recording and accessing employee related information easily
  • Provide a wide range of reporting and analytics using any of the data stored in the system
  • Attaching of key documents to an employee’s record such as e-payslips
  • Producing and issuing contracts of employment or pay rise letters;
  • Managing Time and Attendance
  • Performing Annual Reviews
  • Tracking important tasks such as Training Expiry dates

These are just some of the areas where technology can ‘Lighten the load’ for HR in virtually any organisation.


agathonhr have collaborated with two Gloucestershire based companies to explain some of the key benefits of embracing technology within HR at our Digital HR: Lightening the Load Workshop on 19th October in Cheltenham.