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Creating a Report with a Graph in Vizual Personnel Director

For Advanced Personnel Director Users*

Following on from our recent article’s on creating Simple List Reports and Summary Reports using Vizual Personnel Manager, we will next be looking at creating a Report with a Graph, which is a more advanced report using the Vizual Personnel Director Report Builder tool.


Creating a Summary Report with a Graph

Adding a Graph to a report is more complex to create but can provide a nice alternative to just a report that shows the data in a text format. It also adds value to your report by making the data much clearer and more presentable for your management team.

The process for creating a Graph within a Report is the same as creating a normal Summary Report but with some additional steps to add the graph. In this example we will create a report showing a Headcount by Department with a graph.

Use the button below to download the step by step instructions for creating this Report.



Vizual Personnel Director Headcount by Department with Graph

Vizual Personnel Director Headcount by Department with Graph


The built in Report Designer tool is where users can Edit or Create their own reports in Vizual Personnel Director


  • Implementation Difficulty 85%
  • Benefit 90%
  • Set up Time/Costs 50%
  • Ease of use 40%

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