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Case-study: Sheffield based company upgrade their Vizual Personnel Director and Employee Self Service Software

Based in Sheffield this company in the Banking sector have around 100 employees and have been using Vizual Personnel Director with Employee Self Service since 2000.

In 2016 they contacted us enquiring about upgrading their existing Vizual Personnel Director Software (with Employee Self Service) over concerns with security (due to the nature of their business) and the need for more functionality to replace the wide range of spreadsheets used to record a variety of employee information.

Having provided them with training and support on their Vizual Personnel Software for several years we were the first people they called about upgrading.

One of the main considerations with the upgrade was the seamless switch from Personnel Director to People Inc. for the Employee Self-Service users to ensure there were no disruptions or issues with the booking and authorisation of Holiday’s.

We were able to upgrade them to People Inc. HR with Employee Self Service within a couple of days to avoid any disruption to users and all of the existing data was transferred into the new software.

One of the challenges we faced with the upgrade was in relation to the volume of custom fields they had created since implementing Vizual Personnel Director to help them record the information they needed such as benefits, pensions and bonuses.

As part of the process we provided additional consultancy to ensure this customisation was transferred to People Inc. so that it integrated properly to ensure they got the most from the system as some of the customisation was already present in People Inc. but managed in a more effective way.

They have since rolled out the Employee Self Service to new locations within the growing business to help reduce the administrative burden of manual processes such as the booking and approving of holidays (and other absence types) as well as providing a facility for employees to update their personal and emergency contact details (and automatically notifying payroll as part of the process). 


This is yet another example of how we can help you can transform how you manage HR and help your staff save time by updating your Vizual Personnel Software to a more powerful, up-to-date HR system that is still simple to use.

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Further information

AgathonHR have been working on Vizual Personnel Manager and Personnel Director since 1997 and are one of the last companies in the UK to have any experience using or supporting these systems. Additionally we have been working with People Inc. since 2009 and are one the main People Inc. resellers in the UK. This means we can provide the best possible service to ensure the upgrade goes as effectively as possible.

Whilst we can no longer sell Personnel Manager, we do currently provide the following:

  • Upgrades to People Inc. including data migration.
  • Discounted annual support packages
  • Basic training for new users
  • Report Writing Training.
  • Consultancy – Data tidying, customisation etc.

Further information can be found on our website If you require any support with Vizual Personnel Manager please call 01242 663974 or email