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Personnel Manager and Personnel Director were discontinued in 2009.


agathonhr have been working on the Vizual Personnel product range since 1997.


We are one of the only companies in the UK who continue to provide

a high level of support to the customers still using these products.


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Personnel Manager

Personnel Manager was aimed at small to medium businesses based on one site. It was suitable for use for 1 to 3 users and was able to record up to 500 employee records.

The employee record in Personnel Manager was divided into 26 screens consisting of 600 fields of data on every employee with unlimited history in each section. These screens could be easily modified and new ones added using the Screen Designer module.


Personnel Director

Personnel Director was the first client server HR application from Vizual and was the first to run on SQL Server. It was designed to work across multiple sites with over 5 users and 1000’s of employee records over a Wide Area Network.

Whilst similar in functionality Personnel Director boasted a more powerful report writing tool compared to its junior, Personnel Manager and used the Navigator tool to organise and view employee records.


Vizual Personnel Manager
Vizual Personnel Director

Upgrade your Vizual HR Software to People Inc.

Having used Personnel Manager and Personnel Director for many years we understand why some companies would rather stick with what they know rather than upgrade to a new HR system.

Unfortunately Personnel Manager and Personnel Director are well past their ‘best before date’ and due to compatibility issues with newer versions of Microsoft Windows, Office and SQL server some users may begin to experience problems with aspects of Personnel Manager and Personnel Director Vizual HR Software and in some cases may not be able to use them at all.

Don’t panic! We can upgrade you to People Inc. which is still as easy to use but actually does a lot more for you. Also, as part of the upgrade process we transfer all of your existing data from Personnel Manager/Personnel Director into People Inc. using the data-migration tool and we even provide a data health check, all as part of the service.